Dear PSL Families-
As I start to look ahead to my third year of involvement with Peninsula Soccer League, I am very excited about what’s in store.  After two years at the helm of this league I am confident that we have made strides in improving the league, with a clear vision for progress into the future.  We have taken measures to streamline our administrative operation and plan to continue to seek ways to make this experience more convenient and accessable for players and families.  With the addition of an online registration system, we have attempted to make it easier for families to register with a click of a button.  Additionally we look to streamline the flow of information using our website in a more comprehensive manner. 
The cornerstone of any great recreational soccer organization is the development of its volunteer coaching staff.   I am so lucky to have been blessed to be in a community like ours where there is no shortage of dedicated parent coaches.  The PSL coaching staff has shown a willingness to go above and beyond in the coaching of our teams, and without their selfless contributions we certainly wouldn’t be able to opearte as we do.  I plan to continue to be a resource for our coaches and assist in the continued education and development of coaching in our league.
As we move forward, we do so with the continued support of one of the top competitive soccer clubs in Southern California - Albion Soccer Club.  We want the commuinity to know and understand that Albion Soccer Club and PSL work hand in hand to provide the best soccer opportunities to players of all ages and ability levels. The professional coaching staff from Albion SC donates their time to coach camps, clinics, PSL spring teams, and All Star teams.  We are so lucky to have high level coaches who have taken such an interest in soccer at the grassroots level.  We want our families to know that Albion SC and PSL are working together to enhance the soccer experience for kids in the community.  When players emerges from PSL with skill, passion, and dedication and are looking to take their game to the next level, Albion SC is there as the vehicle to continue to develop and advance our kids in the game of soccer.
As I walked the sidelines this fall, it is clear that there is a special culture within our league.  Parent spectators are by and large supporting and cheering, while restraining from the coaching and shouting instuctions from the sideline that can really cause anxiety and stress for the kids.  We hope this experience will inspire players to have a passion for the game of soccer.  Once that flame is ignited, as adults, how do we continue to allow it to burn? I believe strongly that parents must "release" their children to the experience of athletics, and I’m proud to see this happening within our league.  I applaud you parents for this supportive, ecncouraging climate and hope you will continue to show respect to the kids by allowing them to play the game free from parental instruction.  I thank you, but more importantly, your kids will thank you!

The reality is that we have a short time with our kids in organized athletics.  The significance of the athletic experience towards the education and growth of a child can be profound.  When facilitated correctly athletics can have a positive impact on our children as they move forward through life.  My most pertinent goal as a teacher, coach, mentor and administrator is to ensure that we are creating a safe environment where kids have the freedom to take risks, fail, succeed, work hard, laugh, and learn to enjoy the game of soccer as a life long activity.   I believe that as a soccer community, PSL is a leader in creating a progressive grassroots soccer experience that will help children in ways that transcend far beyond the soccer field. 
I thank you for your continued support of our league and look forward to continuing to serving you.
Yours in Soccer,
Ryan Carruth